Make Yourself at Home in Rupert, ID

Reserve a room at our historic hotel

Rupert, Idaho is more than just a stop on a map. Our town is rooted deep in American history and offers a small glimpse into the arts, food and culture of small-town America, starting at the Drift Inn.

We've converted our historic hotel into a quaint bed and breakfast and fine dining restaurant you're sure to love. With vintage décor and classic menu options, the Drift Inn can take you back to simpler times in American history.

3 reasons to visit the Drift Inn

Are you looking for a new lunch spot in Rupert, ID? The Drift Inn has everything you need to enjoy a relaxing afternoon with your family and friends. Our historical hotel offers more than just sleeping accommodations. We also have:


A full service lounge


Live music entertainment


A private banquet room

Stop by and check out our historical hotel today, or give us a call at 208-436-1300. We look forward to serving you.

When you're visiting Rupert, ID, make sure you stop and check out our historical hotel located right in the middle of Historic Rupert Square. You can get a glimpse of how life was in the 1970s when our local hotel was first built and see how we've renovated the space to include luxury hotel rooms, fine dining and private events.

Visit Rupert, ID today to learn more about our town's rich history and culture.